Shotokan Karate Do of United Nations (SKDUN) is a non political organization working for and promoting the good practice, principles and ideals of Shotokan Karate through the medium of International competition, technical instruction, international grading examinations and education for instructors, trainers and students.

One of the aims and objectives of the SKDUN is to support all Karate - Ka in their search for the unification of true Nakayama JKA style Karate, to understand the correct form, execution and perfection, not just do something without knowing why.
This applies to all aspects Kata, Kihon and Kumite. It is the finer points that are usually missing in the execution of a seemingly fast and supposedly powerful movement.
Also the deeper understanding of Refereeing and Judges can be taught properly over two days course finishing with examinations for qualifications.

The SKDUN Senior instructors are available to help and advise in any way they can.

If anyone would like a course or advice, all you have to do is ask.



aurel_patru Aurel Patru (Romania)


gerry_breeze Gerry Breeze (England)

Technical Director

colin_putt Colin Putt (England)

Chief Referee